Not-for-Profit organizations are the third largest economic sector in the United States. Dana F. Cole & Company LLP recognizes how important these organizations are to individuals and our communities and the valuable contributions made on behalf of the greater good. We are so pleased to provide professional services to approximately 500 Not-for-Profit organizations and to contribute, in a small way, to the success of your missions.

Our experience in auditing Not-for-Profit organizations provides us with the understanding of the challenges you are facing on a daily basis. We provide counsel on maximizing contributions, taking advantage of available grants and other sources of income to reach your goals. We also provide the necessary audit reports and financial statements required in order for your organization to apply for necessary funding. We prepare Form 990 which is important for your orgnizations funding, marketing and governance.

With our strong background in business we are prepared to partner with you so you can free up your time to do that which you do best: run a successful Not-for-Profit organization.

Services we can provide Not-for-Profit organizations include:

Essential Core Services

Value Added Services to Strengthen your Business

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The above services are not all inclusive. We will design our services specific to your needs. For additional information contact us.