Government Units

Dana F. Cole & Company, LLP is experienced in serving state and local units of government. We are aware of the financial and legal compliance requirements that governmental officials are faced with daily. There is a constant demand for cutting costs and living within a declining budget. You work diligently on fulfilling your agency’s mission, while dealing with the ever-changing GASB guidelines and at the same time being transparent to the public. That is why it is important to have a CPA you can count on. That is us!

We bring valuable experience in helping you meet the complexities of satisfying your financial and legal obligations. We have highly qualified professionals that concentrate on the kind of accounting, auditing and management advisory services required by government entities, including:

Areas of governmental auditing that we are experienced in

  • Cities, Townships and Villages
  • Airport Authorities
  • Counties
  • Fire Districts
  • School Districts
  • Housing Authorities
  • Public Power Districts
  • Irrigation Districts
  • Public Works Departments
  • Agriculture Societies
  • Regional Development Commissions
  • Joint Ventures/Interlocal Agencies 

Essential Core Services

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The above services are not all inclusive. We will design our services specific to your needs. For additional information contact us.